La Vida es Un Carnaval…Why Rock the Boat?

la vida es uncarnaval

I feel as though what I’m about to say can get me into trouble with some other mamis.

Being a Stay-At-Home mami is an easy job.  At least for me it is. I spend the entire day seeing and experiencing the world through the eyes of my vivacious 9 month old daughter. I get to daydream all day about ways to make dinner exciting and memorable. I can hop into my car, bebé in tow, and drive to any part of the city at any time of day without a care in the world for schedules and supervisors.

My daughter and I have dance parties together and she bangs on the floor when I sing youtube karaoke. It’s the best occupation I’ve ever had.

I think there’s a misconception that staying at home with me tweety bird is anything but extraordinary. We have a blast.

But it’s time for me to go back to work. Sure, it’ll cause a bit of turbulence but I’m confident we’ll make it through the rough patches unscathed.

Es mas bello vivir cantando.

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One thought on “La Vida es Un Carnaval…Why Rock the Boat?

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